Yoga Class Descriptions

Below please find a description of each of our classes, 

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Gentle Yoga:

An easeful approach to stretching and strengthening. Great focus on the breath cultivates a deeper connection to body awareness and a practice of mindfulness

Beginner Yoga:

A foundational class for those who have never done yoga or those who want to learn the finer details of alignment and breath.

Slow Flow:

A practice of movement and breath creating a slow flow through the poses allowing enough time to fine-tune the body's postural alignment for strength and stability, while deepening both the stretch and the breath.

Multi-level Vinyasa: 

A moderate flow through the poses with an opportunity to increase the intensity of each pose. This self-paced class allows each person to challenge their strength and create more flexibility in their body. It leaves lots of room for modifications to suit the needs of all levels.



Power Sculpt:

A high intensity fusion of yoga, cardio and strength training. A great practice to tone, tighten, and burn calories. It will inspire you to the limits of what you think you you can do! Prepare to work. This class is a great complement to any yoga practice building stability to progress through the poses. There are modifications throughout making this a practice that can suit many fitness levels.

Life Balance:

A wonderful add on program to your weekly class schedule. An inspiring discussion including self-care, wellness, and philosophies behind mindfulness, yoga, and ayurveda. This program will include meditation, journaling, clean eating recipes, and more. $125 (Not included with unlimted plan)